Trust your Intuition

This is your Intution. Here to reinforce your self-belief and encourage you to trust your intuition, so that you canĀ  discover what the world holds for you, by empowering you to feel well cared for and comfortable in your skin.

Intuition offers you a broad range of hair removal solutions you can choose from. All of them are intuitive by design, to make hair removal, for face and body, as easy and pleasant as possible, while gently caring for your skin to smooth, nourish and beautify it.

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Perfect for first timers

4 wire-wrapped blades help to minimizes nicks and cuts, taking the worry out of shaving.

X-treme 3 Goes Eco

Enter intuition! The new sleek, fresh and clean lntuition packaging has landed.

Shaving Myths

Ever wondered why you get those itchy, irritating shaving bumps a few days after shaving?


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