Quattro® for Women Disposables

A shave so smooth you can skip a day!

Quattro For Women Disposables feature water-activated Hydra-Renew™ serum formulated with shea butter. Its 5-curve sensing blades give you incredible closeness, while following the natural shape of your body. The cartridge is just the right size for accessing hard-to-reach areas, and each blade includes unique skin guards to smooth skin and help prevent irritation.

Pair with the Hydro Silk Refill Cartridges for a close, smooth shave with clinically proven, lasting hydration!

Ultra-thin blades and
conditioning strip

4 ultra thin blades and
conditioning strip formulated
with Aloe and Vitamin E help
reduce irritation and give you a
smooth shave.

Myths vs

The age at which you
begin a shave infuences
the amount of hair you will
have on your legs and

Razor Refill

Pair with our Quattro For Women®
refill cartridges to have a shave
so smooth you can skip a day!

Quattro for Women refill

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